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Today we are talking about using Pinterest to make money. We all know how effective Pinterest can be for building a following and sending traffic to your website. But, is it possible to earn a living from Pinterest too?

100%, unequivocally, yes. You just have to go about it in the right way…

Where spammy strategies may have worked in the past, success nowadays relies on legitimate, longer-term methods. Earning money is definitely possible, but (unless you get very lucky) it won’t happen quickly.

How do creators get paid on Pinterest?

Honest answer: the opportunities are almost endless. Here are 2 of the best ways to monetize your Pinterest account:

Create “Shoppable” Content

Pinterest’s latest new feature, idea pins, lets creators tag actual products in their pins. That’s a big deal if you sell your own products on your website or make money via affiliate sales on a blog. Tag the item you’re promoting in the pin and people may click through to the sales page! Optimize it properly and watch the money roll in.

Start a Blog

Bloggers love Pinterest. And no surprise! It offers an effective way to drive lots of traffic fast, without having to rely on Google Search. So, whether you run ads, sell your own products, or make money via affiliate commissions, the blog-Pinterest combo is full of earning potential.

How do I monetize Pinterest without a blog?

No blog? No worries. Here are 5 more ways to monetize your Pinterest account:

1. Partner with companies and promote their products through Pinterest to earn a commission whenever people purchase something.

2. Earn a living as a Pinterest virtual assistant, helping creators run their accounts.

3. Start an e-commerce site and use Pinterest to send traffic to it.

4. Use the endless free resources on Pinterest to learn a new skill (e.g. photography, DIY, or arts and crafts) that could make money outside of the platform.

5. Create “Shop the look” pins, with links to the specific apparel you’re wearing in the photo/pin. You’ll earn a commission if they click and buy.

How much can I earn from Pinterest?

How long is a piece of string? Done right, there’s no limit to how much you can earn!

Just keep in mind that any of the monetization strategies we’ve discussed can take time to learn, hone, and master. Likewise, each method isn’t necessarily made equal in terms of income potential. And, of course, how effective you become at each given strategy has a significant impact on how much you’d earn from it as well.

Give some of the strategies a try and let us know how it goes over in our Facebook Group.



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