THey Reader,

You’ve heard it all before: You need to be on Pinterest! It’s the next big thing!

But here’s my hot take: You don’t NEED to be on Pinterest… but you definitely SHOULD.

If you’re not looking for massive growth, then don’t bother. Don’t want sales? Don’t bother. But if you’re looking to give your business a boost, then Pinterest should be on your radar.

Here’s why:

  • Create brand awareness and boost visibility. With over 320 million users, your brand presence can reach more people than ever before.
  • Increase website traffic. Pinterest is a search engine for visual content and nearly 80% of pins come from businesses, so optimizing your pinning strategy can help you get the clicks you need to drive traffic to your site.
  • Generate leads and sales. Use Pinterest’s “Shop the Look” feature to showcase products, and even create virtual shopping carts. This way, you can easily encourage customers to buy directly from your pins!
  • Humanize your brand. With stories, polls, quizzes and more, you can engage with followers in a fun and creative way. This helps to make your brand feel more approachable and relatable.
  • Establish yourself as an industry leader. By creating useful, high-quality content (such as helpful blog posts) and pinning it regularly, you can gain followers who trust your expertise - ultimately helping you become an authority in your field!

So, while you don’t NEED to be on Pinterest, it is an essential tool if you want to take your business to the next level.


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