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Today we are talking about using Idea Pins (formerly known as story pins).

Have you experimented much with idea pins yet?

If not, or you’re still not seeing the results you want, then this email should help!

Here’s our advice on how to make idea pins that convert…

How do you make idea pins?

If you are new to Idea Pins, you’ll have to accept and agree to Pinterest’s Creator Code (a simple pledge to abide by their community guidelines) before you’re able to make any.

From there, the process is straightforward.

With your concept/idea in mind, hit “Create” on your Pinterest account, then “Create Idea Pin”. You can then upload up to 20 images and/or video clips from your device, before using the suite of tools that appear to formulate each page. When you’re satisfied with the design, preview it, click “Next”, and then fill out the info on the following page regarding the cover, title, board, tags, and so on.

Hit “Publish” and voila, you just created an idea pin!

How do you make idea pins on the Pinterest App?

Start by ensuring you have the latest version of Pinterest installed on your device.

Likewise, if you have an iPhone, you’ll need iOS 13 or higher!

With the app open, log into your account and tap the “+” sign at the bottom, then “Idea Pin”. You can then use the record button (which lets you film up to 60 seconds of footage), or upload images/video straight from the device. From there, you tap “Done” before designing each page as per your requirements. When you’re satisfied, hit “Done” once more, complete the idea pin info on the following page, and then tap “Publish” to finish.

Should I make idea Pins on the App or Desktop? Is one better?

This is a personal choice! In the past, creating idea pins was restricted to mobiles. With idea pins, you can now use either. If convenience is a key factor for you, however, you might find mobile best.

Can you link idea pins?

The short answer is “no”. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to include links to a website from a story/idea pin.

Why? Because Pinterest is trying hard to keep users on the platform! You can, however, use idea pins to direct people to your profile, where they can follow any hyperlinks in your description.

Can you schedule idea pins on Pinterest?

Not at this point! Scheduling isn’t supported on either Pinterest or other Pinterest scheduling tools.

How do you get more views on idea pins?

Creating a successful idea pin is a cross between art and science.

As for the science, use your Pinterest analytics to see what’s worked well so far and what hasn’t. Try to replicate whatever’s driven results in the past.

As for the art, we suggest:

  • Prioritizing video footage (which is always more popular than static images or text)
  • Creating pins with more pages (you have up to 20, so make the most of them!) to tell a better story
  • Improve your designs with text overlays, music, and graphics to make them as eye-catching and engaging as possible
  • Create your own idea pins versus uploading pre-made ones from elsewhere.

Give these tips a try and let us know how it goes over in our Facebook Group.



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