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Today we are talking about using Pinterest if you are a course creator or sell courses as a part of your business model.

If so, there’s a good chance that you’re underutilizing Pinterest as a marketing tool and sales channel. So we’ve put together a few tips, insights, and strategies on the topic that we hope will make a difference…

Pin Your Sales Page

The simplest way to market a course on Pinterest is to create pins for it, optimize them with relevant keywords, and include a link to your sales page.

Unfortunately, this is where many course creators stop, but there are many other more effective strategies for selling your course!

Grow Your Email List

Pinterest is awesome at generating leads for your business. The only catch?

Most of the leads are cold.

Unless they follow you already, they don’t know your brand well enough to commit to buying anything. They’re definitely interested in what you sell (because they searched for it on Pinterest), but they don’t know you.

And that means they’ll need some nurturing.

Enter your email list. Instead of sending people to your sales page, then, consider linking to a lead magnet landing page. With a compelling offer for a free thing you know they’d want, they should opt-in. From there, you can send emails, cultivate a relationship, build trust, and put yourself in a better position to sell your course(s).

Build Trust, Pin Other Content

That word we just used, “trust”, is the real key to marketing success nowadays.

Make it your mission to build it with your would-be customers on Pinterest!

Provide value to them by pinning free content that solves their problems. FYI, this could be yours and/or other people’s, but make sure a significant chunk of it’s your own! Over time, you’ll warm your Pinterest readers up.

They’ll come to know you, recognize you as an authority in the niche, and trust what you have to say. From there, the conversion rate of any lead magnets you pin to will increase exponentially. Expect course sales to boost at the same time!

If you sell courses, I would love to hear from you. Reply to this email and let me know how things are going using Pinterest for your business or what questions you have about getting started with Pinterest.



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