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Today we are talking about using Pinterest for your e-commerce business. Many people who run an e-commerce business see the potential of Pinterest for generating sales but struggle to get meaningful results via the platform.

It’s no surprise, either. Although very possible, achieving e-commerce success with Pinterest requires careful strategy!

Here are a few hard-earned insights to help skyrocket your ROI this year.

Does Pinterest work for e-commerce?

Yes, Pinterest is a match made in heaven for e-commerce businesses. Not only is it ideal for showcasing your products, but its users are both engaged and in a buying mindset. You can increase the visibility of your catalog, generate brand awareness, and earn referral traffic and potential sales in the process.

What is the best way to use Pinterest for e-commerce?

There are three primary tools at your disposal:

1. Product pins

With information on pricing and availability alongside a title and description, Product pins tell people that whatever’s on display is shoppable (assuming it’s in stock). A “buy button” allows them to buy it then and there.

2. Idea pins

Idea pins are a new and engaging way to generate brand awareness and market your products on the platform. Better still, you can tag the specific items you’re selling, enabling users to purchase them.

3. Catalogs

Catalogs display the products available on your e-commerce store as shoppable pins on your profile. Clickable and sharable, they automatically update when you alter what’s on your website’s feed.

How do I promote my online store on Pinterest?

A lot goes into promoting your store effectively! For best results, make sure you:

  • Brand your profile, boards, and pins properly
  • Leverage Pinterest SEO to extend your organic reach
  • Create attractive, optimized, branded, and eye-catching pins
  • Pin fresh content every day to appease the Pinterest algorithm
  • Use the analytics in your Pinterest account to learn about your audience and see which pins perform best
  • Leverage Pinterest ads to promote product pins (especially before and during holiday periods)
  • Work with Pinterest influencers to gain newfound exposure
  • Place the “share on Pinterest” icon on your website

If you have an e-commerce business, I would love to hear from you. Reply to this email and let me know how things are going using Pinterest for your business or what questions you have about getting started with Pinterest.



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