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Today we are talking about what happens when your business changes or changes ownership

Are you changing things up in your business this year? Maybe you are starting something new, changing directions entirely, shutting up shop, taking a step back, or selling it to a new owner?

If so, you might be wondering what on earth to do with your Pinterest account!

We get it, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered…

How do I transfer ownership on Pinterest?

You can’t, technically.

Pinterest makes it impossible to merge accounts! Nor can you transfer or move multiple pins between them.

One possible workaround is to tell the new owner to create their own account. They can then set up their own boards and add you as a collaborator.

From there, you could go to the original boards and move your pins to theirs. Opening the edit dialog of that board on your account will give you the option to “Merge” it with the new board quickly and easily.

How do I access my old Pinterest account?

First off, reactivating an old account requires access to the email account you had connected with it.

If you don’t have that, you’ll need to set up a brand new Pinterest account instead.

If you do, then simply navigate to the Pinterest login page and enter the email/password combo for the account you wish to reactivate! Simply reset the password if you can’t remember it.

How do I unlink Pinterest from my business page?

Head to account settings and scroll down.

The options for removing a business account will be at the bottom!

You can either deactivate it (to hide your pins, profile, and links to other social media accounts), or close it (to permanently delete everything including the account data, boards, and pins). Choose the latter and you’ll then get an email from Pinterest with the next steps on completing the deletion process.

Can I delete my Pinterest account and make a new one with the same email?


But only if you permanently close down your account attached to the address. Temporarily deactivating it won’t free anything up.

Alternatively, you could simply go into settings and change the email address that’s connected to your account.

If I edit my pin on Pinterest to change the description, will it update on all the repins, or are they treated as separate?

Alas, they’re treated as separate! Once someone repins your pin, only they can update the description of their version of it.

How can I move boards from one Pinterest account to another?

See the above answer on how to transfer ownership!

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